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Nando’s was the headline sponsor for the Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival at Consitution Hill. As a major patron of the arts and design, Nando’s already had a wealth of content and activity to pull on, but lacked a cohesive wrapper to tie together their entire sponsorship of the festival.

Nando’s worked with their partners to create 3 main activation points, these were:

  • Dion Cupido Live Mural
  • Music showcases with Gigi La Mayne, Nonku Phiri and Dope St Jude
  • Design installation with Tulsha Booyens and Candice Lawrence

From the outset the challenge was to create a concept that would tie all the different activations together, but also drive traffic to the Design installation which was situated in an isolated area. As each activation was situated in various locations throughout Constitution Hill, the activities lacked a cohesive thread that tied them all together.

10and5 created the Creative Collisions Treasure Hunt concept to tie all the activations together, and to drive traffic to the various activations while also showcasing the variety of artworks and artists.

To bring this to life, we created a series of treasure cards that festival visitors had to “match” in order to win an artwork from the Nando’s Artist Society.

Overall the Treasure Hunt had a huge engagement, with over 10% of the potential festival entering the competition, as well as massive credibility built for the Nando’s brand with this audience.