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Working with Carat we developed a custom content series for the world’s most awarded single malt whiskey, Glenfiddich.

Based on the ethos of the brand, we set out to explore a fitting and inspiring theme: The Art of Individuality. We created an audience segment focusing on black male 24–35 year old creative professionals. We used this to build our content strategy and focus to target the series.

We identified seven creative mavericks who are each leaders in their field. We sat down with a comedian, entrepreneurs, a filmmaker, musician, documentary maker, and creative director to discuss the finer points of being “at the top of your game”. Through written interviews, in-depth research articles and dynamic video conversations with each creative maverick we discussed careers, breakthrough moments, and what the future holds for various industries.

Throughout the series, the sophisticated and premier nature of the brand carried through in a subtle yet pervasive way. This was reiterated in the custom-designed series pop-up page on Between 10and5, and reflected in the photographs we commissioned, which included studio portraits and semi-abstract cityscapes.

The Art of Individuality blended seamlessly with the rest of the content on Between 10and5, but also added an exciting new dimension with the researched articles and video conversations. Through this series we connected with Glenfiddich to facilitate genuine conversations around leadership and success.

The campaign reached nearly 90% penetration amongst the 10and5 targeted audience, with users consuming 23,000 page views and 9,100 views on Youtube. Viewers also spent over 3:47 with the native content.